Welcome to Amsterdam!

You’ve already gotten to know us in Sweden when you Explored Kiruna with us — and now it’s time for us to show you Amsterdam! We’ve officially extended our family-run business into Holland. Our passion for providing memorable experiences for our guests isn’t limited by borders. We believe that travel should be far and wide; there’s something magical about encountering diverse cultures that you’ve never seen before. 

We made the decision to extend our business ventures into Amsterdam because this city has endless exploration possibilities. This city has a unique blend of history, architecture, delicious food, artistic heritage, nightlife, world-famous canals, and eccentric shops. 

The Telegraph reports that Amsterdam has more culture per capita than anywhere else in the world. We’re excited to show it to you.

Amsterdam is a special city that everyone should experience in their lifetime. There are a variety of things to do when visiting — leaving everyone with something to do. There are endless places to explore in this magnetic city: learn more about history by visiting The Anne Frank House or visit the Van Gogh Museum to spark your imagination and passion for the arts. 

We want to guide you through the incredible tulip fields outside of the city, show you the best cheeses, and take you to the iconic windmills to fully immerse yourself into the Dutch culture. 

We’re ecstatic to facilitate your next dream vacation with us. Our family believes that traveling is one of the finest aspects of life; we are fueled by our passion to share our love of traveling with you by providing newfound experiences.

Now more than ever, our incredible tour options are endless with our expansion into Amsterdam. We’re looking forward to offering you a world-class experience — but with an intimate twist. 

 Let’s explore one of the most wonderful cities in the world together.

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