Where is Amsterdam?
Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. It’s in the province of North-Holland. Amsterdam is the 
largest city of North-Holland. The Netherlands is bordered in the East by Germany and in the South by 
Belgium. Also the North Sea covers most of the borders of the country.
What language do people in Amsterdam speak?
The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch. Dutch is spoken in Amsterdam but due to the city 
being a popular tourist destination, English is also spoken, among other languages like German, 
Italian, Spanish, French etc.
Is there an airport close to Amsterdam?
Yes, the main airport of the Netherlands is Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.
What does Amsterdam mean?
It all started with people settling around the famous River Amstel. Like most of the city, Amsterdam 
grew around a river, where the natives, mostly fishermen built a dam in the Amstel. However, this is 
not how Amsterdam received her famous name. It actually was named after the dyke that was built years 
before the dam was built.
Is it safe to drink tap water in Amsterdam?
Yes, tap water in Amsterdam and in other parts of the Netherlands is perfectly safe to drink.
Is it legal to smoke weed in Amsterdam?
This question has two answers. Yes, it is legal to buy weed and consume it. However, there is a common 
misconception that you can smoke weed wherever you want in the Netherlands, while in fact it is illegal 
to smoke weed in public. You won't get arrested but your weed will get confiscated or you might even be 
fined. Smoking in your own house however, is allowed.
How many canals does Amsterdam have?
Amsterdam is home to 165 canals. If you combine all these canals they would have a total length of 100 
kilometers. That is about 60 miles in total.